The good people over at Absinthe Films must have been feeling particularly generous this week as they've released the ender to their latest flick Resonance to the unrelenting mercy of the world wide interweb. Thankfully, seeing as its Nicolas Müller, it was never exactly going to be badly received was it? Full Nicolas Müller parts are like Christmas dinners; they only come around once a year but when they do they're pretty much the tastiest thing ever. This part is classic Müller: timeless style and flow, effortless butters, massive drops and Nicolas' first frontside double cork. And how rad is that jump to tripod at 2:15? He still is to us, and will be to many others, one of the most enjoyable riders to watch. Amazingly, this entire part was filmed in Nico's home resort of Laax, Switzerland - if that's not the best advert for Laax that you'll ever see we don't know what is!

Absinthe have been clever here and are still holding something of their star rider back: this is only one half of Nico's epic two-song ender, so if you like what you see here, be sure to check out the full thing on iTunes.