Nicolas Muller is a rider who inspires a lot of people. A lot of people. In fact, there's something about his smooth, fluid riding style and his reading of natural terrain that appeals to pretty much everyone who's ever stepped on a snowboard, from first-time punters to his fellow super-pros.

Witness Travis Rice's reaction to the man in the opening segment of this video:

He's like the root of a tree. He's like the wing of a bird. He's water. He's elemental.

I'm never quite sure, is Trice is taking the piss when he uses pseudo-spiritual phrases like that - is he just winding interviewers up? Either way his point is clear enough - Nico is a boss. Here, the Absinthe Films crew try and get to the root of what it is that makes his riding - and him as a person - so rad.

They spend 7 and a half minutes answering the question. We dedicated a whole 10-page interview to it a few issues back. But actually, you can probably sum up most of what makes Nico rad in a single sentence, as JP Solberg does at the start of this vid.

Everybody wishes they could ride like him.

True dat.