Yet another big-time pro heads to Tahoe, and this time it's everyone's favourite Swiss powder master, Nicolas Müller.

After watching the start of this, we weren't expecting too much. Nico's amazing, but he's only human: what can he do in half a minute on terrain that's neither steep nor deep? Then, 5 seconds before the end, BANG! Showing a level of board control that's second to none, Nico launches a frontside 180 off a roller, throws the wieght over his nose and pulls round a note-perfect butter, giving the cameraman a cheeky spray as he rides away.

Maybe one in every hundred riders could stick this, while the rest flop helplessly over their heel-edge into the waiting pow, with nothing for it but to hike out. There's only one guy on the planet that could make it look this good though, and you just watched him.