At least half the US snowboard scene turned up at Bear Mountain in California recently for the annual pre-season Hot Dawgs and Handrails jam. With $20,000 in prize money at stake and a sick jib setup (despite the complete absence of snow) the competition was always going to attract some big names. JP Walker, Seth Huot Nima Jalili and others were on judging duties, leaving it to the likes of Jake Kuzyk, Chris Brewster and of course Mr Dangerzone himself Nick Visconti to throw down. In the end, Visconti's random lines (5-0 through the woodchips to frontflip out?!) and steezy one-footers won the day. Check out this dubsteppy little clip his sponsors Arbor put together to celebrate his win - they were obviously pretty stoked, as Visconti's pretty much their only international team rider.

Visconti was keen to play down the win saying "the level of riding was amazing. Literally on another level. Any one of the competitors could have taken first because everyone was destroying it." But without wanting to brown-nose too hard, we reckon he's definitely earned the $7,500 first-place cheque here... looking forward to more of these sorts of shennanigans in his Think Thank part and the next season of Tahoedangerzone.