This is the second edit we've seen from 2013's Next Level Summer Camp on the flagship Liberty University snowflex in Bible Belt state Virginia. It looks like a few things have changed since 2009 when a few UK riders went out for a test run and with some of the Zion team down for this weeks footage the Virginians certainly haven't been sitting back waiting for the flowers to grow on their new turf. We do wonder whether they've gained an unfair advantage by asking for help from the big guy upstairs though... surely that's cheating.

It's a little strange seeing a dry slope edits that aren't up some freezing Scottish hill, but the Americans do seem to have taken pretty naturally to snowflex, we're definitely impressed. The fact that they include a sizeable Ryan Paul section helps and probably makes for great promo so no complaints here.

Surprisingly we haven't seen our religiously enthused American cousins create a water jump yet though, surely that would fit in with their credo, you know, following the footsteps of JC and all:

jesus and snowboarding