If you just happened to stumble across Nate Kern in Breckenridge pulling massive backside 1080 double grabs over the biggest kicker in the park, a British accent would probably be the last thing you'd expect to hear come out of his mouth. After all, how many Brits do you know besides Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan and a handful of others that are comfortable sending 1080's and double corks over jumps that are 60ft plus in size? Nate has been living out in Breck for a while now and training with the GB Freestyle Snowboard team when they're out there and is definitely in the running for a place in the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi. Nate recently parted ways with his main sponsors DC and is looking for new board, boots and outerwear sponsors to fill the gap. Calling all sponsors: don't leave this dude hanging!

While his park kicker riding is definitely a strong point, it's actually the backcountry hits that we're most stoked on in this edit. How often do you see a british guy boosting 7's and 9's off kickers in the backcountry that Gigi Rüf would be proud of?

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