[mpora_video id=AAd8pmqsb8zx]

Here’s a three and a half minute short movie following Völkl riders Cuca Aranda and David Pujol as they venture into the Catalan Pyrenees on splitboards, do a lot of connecting with nature and score some fresh lines. While the commentary is almost unbearably cheesy in places (that music really doesn’t help either!) it does give a pretty good insight into what it feels like to earn your turns for the first time.

Of course there are plenty of close-up shots on the Völkl Cashew splitboard that features in the video but it’s worth remembering that with a little bit of time and effort it isn’t too challenging to build your own. Rejuvenate a dilapidated object that sits gathering dust into a vehicle for discovering beauty and creating memories…

How's that for a cheesy line?