[mpora_video id='mqTPig8iD/'] New Zealand pro-rider/filmer/traveling jester Liam Peter Ryan popped up on our radar for the first time last season, when he launched a series called LPR Diaries. Basically, it's a bunch of podcasts showing the world of snowboarding through the eyes of one of our loveably strange Kiwi cousins. Last year, he travelled all over the Northern Hemisphere, spending a good bit of time in Mayrhofen, where he hung out with the UK's very own James Hull and Claire Frost. This year, his travels included some slightly more out-of -the-way destinations, like the Czech Republic. The best thing about this series is that, just like New Zealand seems exotic to us, even the most familiar European destinations end up looking different when seen from a Kiwi point of view. We'll be posting Liam's podcasts as he releases them throughout the summer, so keep your eyes peeled. Sweet as bru! ;-)