Are you able to pinpoint the top five tricks you’ve ever landed? Whether it be your first time stomping a brand new trick or hitting an unusual spot, most of us have at least a couple of ‘holy shit!’ moments that have influenced the way that we snowboard ever since.

The difference with pro riders is that a lot of these moments are documented and immortalised on film, making them even easier to identify and order into a list of favourites. Québécoise rail riding superstar and 2012 X-Games Real Street gold medallist, Louif Paradis picks out his top five here on Naturally there are some absolute bangers, from his switch backside 270 in Transworld’s These Days to the cab 3 to switch nosepress in the first Videgrass movie. Louif’s more recent favourites have seen him transferring from wall to rail and rail to rail in some of the most impressive urban parts in recent memory – that bridge shot is just something else eh?

What are your top five tricks that you've ever landed?