I don't know what you think of when you read the title "Log Masters" but I bet it is not what you expect...

Logmasters is an annual log jibbing competition held at Beaver Creek, CO. It started off as a very small underground event taking inspiration from the Masters golf competition. Twelve years later it is an invite-only competition that really puts riders to the test.

The comp works like a game of golf, (This does not mean you need to wear a golf jumper to compete).

There are 18 jibs made out of trees, riders are given three attempts at each jib. The fewer tries it takes you to get all the way across the log the lower your score is. It is as simple as that. Extra "strokes" are taken off for boardslides and switch completions. The lowest score at the end of the day wins the elusive green jacket and the questionable title of Logmaster.