Ben Rice meets up with Eric Messier to shred Tahoe. After the snow turns to "hot pow" they hitch a ride with buddy Corey Smith to Bachelor for even MORE pow. The video makes us just a little jealous as Tahoe and Bachelor give the guys the best of everything with gorgeous scenery to sunny bikini shred days to the savage pow of Mt Bachelor.

So what there's no huge tricks or crazy rail combos? The little Bataleon crew are having a jolly spiffing old time and that's what its all about!

Leaving us to pose the question, Spring break in Cancoon, or at Mt Bachelor? Well if it really is like;

Seeing six pigs walking through the bar and then seeing a pterodactyl coming down and eating the fuck out those pigs

We're not actually too sure where we'd go! Anyone that's been to Cancun can you please get in touch and confirm this actually occurs once every six days on spring break? Cheers