In between all the irreverence and dicking around, the Helgasons put out some banging edits from time to time as well. In fact, the last few have all actually been pretty damn good to watch. Yesterday we had a session at the Woodward indoor foam pit facility at Copper mountain where Halldor puts down an epic backside 720 off the heels, and before that, an edit from Val Senales with his ridiculously cool looking double todeo trick.

This park edit from Keystone is no exception to that current trend of radness, with some ever-stylish rail and kicker hits from Halldor and Ethan Morgan. This makes us want to go ride park right now, in our baggiest outerwear, with some rap blaring out of our headphones, with our mitts on. Gotta keep it legit!

Seriously though, these cats have got skills.