Kelly Clark made history over the weekend by becoming the first woman ever to land a 1080 in the pipe in competition. She'd tried it at the Burton European Open earlier this month, and finally nailed it in practise on Thursday, before whipping it out in her last run of the final, to massive cheers. By then, whether she rode away or not was academic, because her massive first run had already won Kelly the title. Watching the video, it's not hard to see why the judges gave her the highest score right off the bat - just look at that first front 7! With amplitude and style like that, Kelly really is a cut above most of the female riders in the world today.

Gretchen Bleiler, the defending X Games champion, unfortunately fell on her first run and couldn't really pull it together, managing only a sixth place in the final, and leaving Kaitlyn Farrington and Elena Hight to round off the all-American podium. Olympic gold medallist Torah Bright meanwhile had made the (slightly strange) decision to concentrate on slopestyle this year, and didn't enter the pipe comp. She sat out the final in the commentary box.

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