It sounds a little odd but by the time spring rolls around, most seasonnaires are over all of the snowy weather and just wanna work on their goggle tans - you've gotta have something to make your friends back home jealous when you return right? (As if the constant Instagram stream of powder piled up on balconies, lines down epic backcountry bowls and red-faced apres bar mugshots weren't enough already... *deep breaths, deep breaths*).

Sadly though in Tignes this season, Mama Nature had other plans and was less than generous dishing out the bluebird days - anyone who was out at The Brits in Tignes this year will remember that the weather, sadly, wasn't all that.

Here are a couple of tricks from Katie Blundell on the few sunny spring days that did roll around - which she managed to squeeze in between a busy schedule of riding 6 star World Snowboard Tour events and sending it at Snowboarder Mag's Miss Superpark. As always, she kills it on the rails and even manages to put down a cheeky backside rodeo 7. Boom!