If last week was the week of banging season edits by blokes named Charlie, this week is, so far, shaping up to be the one for sick chick season mash ups. Following Aimee Fuller’s bang tidy season edit, here is Katie Blundell’s latest offering, which has been beautifully cut and edited by fiancé Rich Jonas (yep, sorry fellas she’s taken…).

Katie spent the winter shredding in Colorado, Utah, Tahoe and Austria (where she placed second in our very own Whitelines Rail Jam) and is currently chasing winter around the globe down in Oz - not bad for a season’s work then! This one’s got some really stylish tricks in it and we were particularly impressed with all of the handrail shots, the effortless cab 540 at 00:39 and the rad double tail grab off the shotgun rail at 1:25.

Nice work Katie and keep the edits coming ladies!