Well this one's an absolute doozy. Here's the K2 team loving life in tit-deep powder at Mt. Baker. Anyone that's been out to the west coast of North America to shred will be able to relate to just how awesome conditions like these are. The sun may not be shining but the snow is so light and so deep that you end up completely losing yourself (and the feeling in your back leg...) in the moment, slashing pillows, getting face shots and weaving through trees. These are the days we live for and it looks like K2 have captured that atmosphere perfectly with this. We can't wait for the full thing and hope it has a similar vibe. Seriously, we could watch this thing all day.

K2 released a specific line of powder boards this season and we get a glimpse of the Ultradream board in this that we were lucky enough to test out and review ourselves earlier this year. This features the riding of Shaun McKay, Matt Belzile, Leanne Pelosi, Ben Lynch, Kyle Miller, Taylor Godber, Skyler Thornton, Danny Larsen, Mason Aguirre, Jake Kuzyk, Jordan Mendenhall and Tim Eddy and the full thing will be dropping on the 20th.