We dropped the ball on bringing you the first instalment of K2's Our Backyard, but lucky for you that means you get to enjoy two at once. K2 gave up on all the globe-trotting for a bit to enjoy the idyllic conditions of Mt. Baker last season. And honestly, with all this endless pow and these pillowy forests to ride, who can really blame K2 for keeping the team in one place? Sweeping panoramic mountain shots be damned: white-out forest days are where it's at.

The second chapter is basically more of the same, which is by no means a bad thing. Shaun McKay, Matt Belzile, Leanne Pelosi, Ben Lynch, Kyle Miller, Taylor Godber, Skyler Thornton, Danny Larsen, Mason Aguirre, Jake Kuzyk, Jordan Mendenhall and Tim Eddy all feature, and the third and final chapter drops on December 18th.