Handplants, which have made their way to snowboarding from transition skateboarding, are definitely an under-appreciated artform. If we asked you what an andrecht plant or an eggplant was, would you be able to tell us? And who knew there were so many different variations? Although they definitely take a little while to grasp, handplants are a ton of fun - so much in fact that JP Walker recently conceived an entire event dedicated to them.

The Handplant Holiday went down at Bear Mountain on a massive course filled with all shapes and sizes of tranny (*snigger* [we know, we know it's played out...]) and pitted two teams, captained by legendary riders Dave Downing and Dale Rehberg, against each other in a laid back jam format. Riders racked up points for their teams by performing various handplants on the different features, with more technical plants earning more points.

In the end, Dale Rehberg’s Team One, which included JP Walker, Ben Bilocq, MVP Simon Chamberlain, Tim Eddy and Pat Bridges walked away with the most points with Dave Downing's team (Marko Grilc, Chris Grenier, Jeremy Jones, Cody Rosenthal and Scott Stevens) having to settle for second.

Not that they were complaining of course. By the looks of all the smiles, highfives and that ridiculously rad looking setup, everyone had a blast. Check out the full highlights from the comp above.