Here’s the latest video in the ‘Jibberish’ web series from Stepchild and Thirty Two riders JP Walker and Simon Chamberlain.

Picnic benches have always been one of the most accessible, mellow and fun obstacles to jib. Heck, even Terje Haakonsen can get down on them. Along with the genuinely funny intro, and food related puns aside (if only they’d chucked a few pretzels, roastbeefs or melons in there…) we’re treated to JP sliding through every tailpress/nosepress 180-out combination possible and a whole load of buttery smooth presses and switch ups from both riders. Seriously though how fun do some of those picnic table setups look to ride?

Look out for the full Jibbersih sections from Simon and JP dropping on the 1st and 4th of July respectively.