JP Walker and Simon Chamberlain have been keeping pretty busy this season. Their Jibberish web series has seen them travel from JP's home state of Utah to Finland, Ontario and finally Whistler, logging shots for two full parts that will be dropping in early July (Simon's on the 1st and JP's on the 4th).

In case you missed any of the webisodes, here's a recap edit of their season starting off with 'The Burning': a rather odd and surely environmentally unfriendly ritual that sees the guys setting fire to all of their knackered, worn out snowboard gear (which are actually all 2012/2013 products...). We can't say we're sold on the ritual, as the stuff that they're burning looks like it's still in pretty good nick by our standards, (at least donate it to a charity shop or stoke out some kids with it surely?) but from the double teaser it looks like the parts will be worth a watch.