Directed by up-and-coming Scottish filmer Will Nangle, the film (shot and edited in 24 hours) is kind of Bill and Ted meets Doctor Who meets Narnia (or should that be G-narnia?) With the help of Westbeach rippers Andy Nudds and Billy Morgan the riding was off the chain. Keep an eye out for Nuddsy's opening front 10 and newcomer Billy's insane TRIPLE backflip attempt, which we're pretty sure would have been a world first (at least in the park) had he rode out. He also stomps the cleanest double backflip ever to show the other competitors from places like Austria, Finland and Germany that the Brits have got the skills to pay the bills. As event organiser Graham Macvoy put it, "You've opened my eyes to the level of UK riding right now."

In the end we placed 6th, just outside the final 5, but when you see the level of all 18 entries this year (dropping on in the next day or so) you'll understand why our brand new Jib Vid team was stoked nonetheless.

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy the visual feast that is 2 Guys, 1 Cup-board: