Jess Kimura recently came to the UK as part of Capita's tour of snowdomes. The girl known as 'Danger Pony' was unfortunately carrying an injury which prevented her from going all out at the Hemel Snow Centre, but it didn't stop her getting stuck in. In fact, when we wanted to sit down to have a chat with her about her shredding and her impressions of the UK scene we pretty much had to drag Jess away from the poma!

As someone who's refused to comform to expectations and forged a very successful career outside of the mainstream of women's snowboarding, we were interested to hear Jess' take on attitudes to women in the sport. Refreshingly, it turns out she's as uncompromising with her opinions as she is with her riding, and isn't afraid to tell anyone where to go. While Jess' riding (and bowl skating skills) are rad enough already, her attitude takes this Canadian up to the next level of cool in Whitelines humble opinion. Not only can she win Transworld's Video Part of the Year and Rider of the Year, she can do it on her own terms. Or as she puts it: "Don't pigeon-hole me, I'm just gonna do what I want." Now THAT's radness, right there.

You can watch more of Jess' riding in the second season of her podcast series "Barely" this winter.