While the Brits was bathed in sun, other competitions have not been so lucky. The first day of the Roxy Chicken Jam in Mammoth had to be called off due to an extreme weather warning; conditions were so bad that the mountain couldn't even be ridden. Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller are not ones for letting such things spoil a day's shred though. Hailing from these isles, they've undoubtedly seen worse. Hence why they joined a small crew for a trip into the woods, where a kicker was built and flips were hucked. Laid-out backflips, frontflips and mistys were the order of the day, with enough powder on the landing to withstand faceplants aplenty.

It was shame not to have Jenny and Aimee at the Brits, but the standard was high regardless and it's good to see two of the UK's most prominent contest riders having some old-school fun.