Jamie Trinder's been away in Les Deux Alpes with One Snowboarding, getting some summer shred and leaving quite an impression on at least one other rider. After nearly being hit by Jamie (who, to his credit, threw himself to the deck to avoid an accident and immediately apologised), an Italian shredder took it upon himself to chase the young Scot down, in a stereotypically flamboyant rage. Vendetta!! Vendetta!!

Seriously, how's that for an over-reaction?! No contact was made, and Jamie said sorry straight away! In the end, the other guy wasted the rest of his run just for the chance to yell "I break your face!" in broken English. Nice.

Hopefully this won't lead to the deterioration of Scottish-Italian relations - we're still not sure they've forgiven us for the time we played them at football and chanted "Deep fry yur pizzas, we're gonnae deep-fry yur piiizzzaaaaas".