It's not easy being a pro these days. While the paycheques may be getting bigger, so are the lists of professional obligations. Still, it could be worse for Jamie Nicholls - even when he's got to appear for his sponsors at a Q&A, he still gets a good shred in.

Jamie headed to Amsterdam with the rest of the Nike 6.0 crew to give Nike Europe the rundown at their annual 'wrap-up' meeting. While he was there he joined Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason and Jan Scherrer for a blast round the Ice Mountain, a hop-skip-jump across the border in Belgium. The GoPro footage is a little gloomy, but it's still a nice showcase for the 6.0 guys, as well as the local talent. Everything in the vid is ace, but Jamie's ender - backside 5050 to back 270 to tailslide 270-out?! - blows everyone else away. The filmer puts it into words better than we ever could: "Say Whut?!"