Another day, another webisode series featuring Vermont's Jake Blauvelt. Naturally follows Jake as he takes in a second season of documenting every aspect of his life and career.

This actually got released a while ago, but it made sense to wait until his other series had finished before getting stuck into this one. After all, highlights from Blauvelt's Backcountry dominate the first few minutes, before the action moves to this January and more pow shredding with Nick Ennen.

Unfortunately for Jake there's an incident where he throws out his back and is advised by a chiropractor that there'll be no "flippin' the 540 whatevers" for at least 6 weeks. The preview of Episode 2 shows him riding ridiculous Japanese pow with Heikki Sorsa, so we're guessing he's all better. It looks epic, so stay tuned for that one.