We've just returned from the a couple of trips to the mountains to discover that we've missed not one, not two but five whole episodes of Henry Jackson's fantastic podcast. D'oh! Not to worry, we're sure he'll forgive us - after all, our 24-hour Sky Sports News blogging style closely mirror's Henry's own professionalism when it comes to rider interviews... So without further ado, sit back and enjoy this bumper collection of entertaining videos, starting with episode 5 - in which Henry does a bit of cross-dressing at the Roxy Snow Pro event... with frightening consequences. Dennis Pennis ain't got nothing on our man from Maryhofen.

Jackson's Hole Episode 5 - Roxy Snow Pro 2012

Jackson's Hole Episode 6 - World Snowboard Championships 2012

Jackson's Hole Episode 7 - Burton European Open 2012

Jackson's Hole Episode 8 - Burton US Open 2012

Jackson's Hole Episode 9 - X Games Europe 2012