We were going to post another triple cork video but we enjoyed watching this more so that'll have to wait. hwcls are a group of Italian riders/filmers including Marco Grigis, Simon Gruber and the brilliantly named Kevin Kok, who film a bunch of stuff and put it on the web. There's nothing all that different about this copper edit here (presumably filmed around the time that the World Cup event was going on) but we enjoyed watching the riding and it looked like the guys had a good time. And it makes a change to watching guys doing the same tricks over the same kickers.

On another slightly random note, is it really necessary to have porta-loos out on the slopes? While it's never nice to accidentally fall in a patch of yellow snow, we're sure UK festival-goers will agree that the stench that wafts from these glorified cesspits hardly compliments the smell of fresh pine needles. Saying that, it's always handy to have somewhere to ride to when the clam chowder you've just eaten in the mountain restaurant decides that it preferred its life out in the big wide world. The lesson here? Always steer clear of the clam chowder.