You've got to hand it to the Helgasons. Despite being fully-fledged international pros, they're still homeland boys at heart. When Halldor won the X-Games big air last year, he just hoped it would lead to more coverage for snowboarding in Iceland. Now he's helping to get his country on the snowboard map by restarting the AK Extreme comp in downtown Akureyri. During this warm-up session, Halldor calls it both the sketchiest and the sickest event he's ever done:

After a long hiatus, AK Extreme is back with a bang, becoming a fully fledged snow and music festival. Regular Helgason collaborator Gulli Gudmundsson took first place with a cab 900, while Halldor finished down in third.

It is indeed a gnarly-looking setup, but it sounds like the comp went off without a hitch. If Iceland can throw together a few boxes and some scrapings of snow for a downtown jam, then surely we can as well. An even sketchier event on these shores - how hard could it be?