The 'Open Parts' in the Helgason's 'Sexual Snowboarding' and 'Pepping!' have been some of the most entertaining sections that we've seen in legit snowboard movies in recent years, so it comes as little surprise to hear that the brothers are carrying on with the concept in their new one DTF (Down To Film...).

Once again they're after your footage - be it of your best tricks from the season, your worst slam or just some random shit that'll make 'em laugh.

This year they're only giving you one week window to get your footage to them at (presumably so they don't have to trudge through thousands of clips...) so get on it! You'll need to upload your video to Vimeo and not have any music over the top of it.

In last year's 'Pepping!' open part we spotted appearances from the UK's Will Smith and Charlie Rowland so let's see if we can represent even harder this year!