[mpora_video id=AAdahgrmdpbj]

Teasers of teasers are all the rage right now and the Helgasons, being the entrepreneurial, online media savvy lot that they are, have jumped on the bandwagon and released this pre-teaser for the follow up to last year's brilliant Sexual Snowboarding.

They're calling this one 'Pepping,' whatever that may be (no doubt some sort of weird sexual act, we'll leave it down to you lot to figure it out) and have enlisted the talents of the Monster Girls to help promote it. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book but it seems to be working as well as ever with inspired Vimeo comments like this one: "Waaaaaaah I want to be in that movie with the hot chicks!" Right on.

As for the teaser itself, there's a shot or two from the high-tech Helgason heli-cam as well as Gulli Gudmundsson falling into a river. No real surprises there then. The 'real' teaser is dropping sometime tomorrow apparently so be sure to check back for that.