The Tony Hawk Shred teaser and the video of a playboy bunny playing Wii Snowboarding that we posted recently got us thinking about video games, and all the classic ones (and, more often than not, rubbish ones) we've played over the years. It's true though, isn't it - with a few notable exceptions, most snowboard games are unremittingly crap. At best they're unrealistic and at worst they're just no fun to play. The graphics have improved, but by and large, gameplay hasn't. We started wondering why. Is it because they're not made by shredders? How come skaters seem to get good games and we don't? Where did this history of rubbish-ness start?

Well, after a bit of interweb digging, we found the earliest snowboard game we'd ever seen, with the awesome name Heavy Shreddin'. Released for the original NES in 1990, this looks like an absolute classic! How is it that we started so well and it all went downhill? Has anyone else got any fond and/or shite memories of old school shred games?