With it's creative setup, endless supply of burgers/beer and laid back vibes, Alex Tank's Jib Factory with Head Snowboards was one of the most fun events we had the pleasure of attending this season. Three Brits (Andy Nudds, Will Smith and Becky Menday) were out representing Blighty and all three left good impressions on Alex and the other riders.

Watch Will Smith stomp a trio of hammers in this edit from Postland Theory and also look out for Toni Kerkelä's one foot over the stair feature, Benny Urban's combos on the wallride, Eirik Nesse's wally back 1 over the metal pipe and Kas Lemmens' mind bending hardway backside 270-on back to fakie.

You can also read our full report from the event or check out our photo gallery here.