Halldor Helgason was in Colorado recently, and took the time to throw down at America's most famous shred training facility. Is a triple frontflip on his agenda for next season?

Woodward at Copper has been up and running for a decade or so now, and played a huge part in forging the current batch of double-corking kids. It's been popular with Brits in the past, too - Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller have been through the doors, as have the Kerns.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to craft your slopestyle run. If that's what you're after, of course - for more thoughts on the merits of coaches and specialist training facilities, have a read of Jon Weaver's recent piece on the issue.

Find out more about Woodward at their website, or you can pick up the spring issue of Whitelines.