If you've already downloaded the new Nike team movie Never Not, then you'll have been blown away by the likes of Gigi Rüf, Nicolas Müller and Jed Anderson sending it from the streets to the backcountry. But one rider, and one trick in particular, stands out: Icelandic hellraiser Halldor Helgason boosts an insane backflip over a roof gap in his homeland, before spinning a 360 over a second gap. He's on the edge of control, and better yet he does it in a neck brace following an earlier slam!

Apparently Halldor had been planning this moment for three years, and the final footage - shot from two angles including a remote controlled helicopter above him - is sweet reward. Check out this behind-the-scenes video (below) from Nike giving the full story behind the trick, but if you just want to enjoy/share the money shot then we've provided an edited version above.

All of which begs the question: is this actually the craziest trick/stunt ever performed on a snowboard? What are your all time favourite video moments? Let us know in the comments below and our favourite suggestion will win a WL tee.