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As if perfectly timed with the announcement of some new fruit related gadget over in the states, the Helgason brothers have simultaneously unveiled the secret graphics for their limited edition Lobster boards - the latter evidently being way more exciting than the former. Although perhaps not quite as disturbing as last year's Jib Board graphics, (which, as you can read about in our interview with the twisted masterminds in issue 100 was apparently a hugely toned down version), this year's graphics have no shortage of shit, vomit, fat chicks, sewerage and other all-round Helgason nastiness and they'll no doubt once again be banned in a ton of stores and generate loads of hype for the brand. The only thing possibly better than the graphics themselves is the way these two describe them. Shit's genius (literally, in this case).

You can check out the rest of the 2012 line on the all-new Lobster website.