[mpora_video id='IIEGAQq2V/'] Kel, the snowboarding editor of Mpora.com just came over to me in the office, and said: "You know what dude, I'm soooo bored of watching people spinning. Do you know what I mean though right? Every single Seb Toots video he's just... well, spinning. And every other contest video is just, spinning. I'm over it." If you've got spinning fatigue, check out this video from Holden Outerwear's Gus Engle. A gentle, harmonica-playing hippy type Gus is actually from Alaska, though you'd never guess it from the kind of stuff he likes to ride. He may not be able to do a double cork 1260, but he's is surely one of the most out-there and overtly creative riders in the world today. Look at his first trick here ffs!