The Grindhouse boys had a pretty busy one last season. Not only did they manage to log enough footage for one of the most legit urban films ever to come out of the UK in their full length Scare Money, but they also shot a load of park footage that wasn't used in the film. Here's a flurry of hits on the instantly recognisable black and yellow features of Northstar. Riders in order of appearance are: Matt Macwhirter, Chris Chatt, Ben Wall, Tom Honey, John Weatherley & Ollie Dutton.

We'd be willing to bet a sizeable wad of moolah that our boys were showing up a lot of the locals when they were out there. In fact, between them they did actually pull off a clean sweep of the podium at one of the Northstar rail jams. Also worth a mention is the straight up G steez of Mr. MacWhirter. Looks like all the riding with fellow legs-of-steel ripper Andy Nudds has paid off: stomping shit must be contagious. Yeeeah Bolts!