The crew behind the Grindhouse Webisodes may have swapped the cold fridge of Tamworth for the warm slopes of California for the season, but that hasn't stopped them from producing their sick, Tarantino-inspired urban jib fests. In fact, if anything, their new surroundings have inspired them to go further, pushing themselves both in terms of riding and filming and producing what we reckon could be their best episode yet! Like the others, this is an all-UK effort, featuring the riding of John Weatherley, Oliver Waters, Will Smith, Pat Hobson, Ollie Dutton, Ben Wall, Will Bateman, and Simon Foster and it's filmed by Jamie Durham. OK, so the fact that we're massive Velvet Underground fans definitely helps swing our opinion, but it's also the fact that Tahoe is just a bit... well, better looking than Tamworth that makes this particularly special. Watch out for more episodes from the Grindhouse boys dropping soon, and keep an eye on their antics over at or the Gindhouse Facebook Page.