Saturday night's final saw Gretchen's winning run score a huge 96.66, with Kelly's best run only coming slightly behind with a 96.00. Turino Gold Olympian Hannah Teter came in third place with 70.00. With the US athletes once more dominating the pipe, could this be a sign of things to come at the forthcoming Winter Olympics, where Gretchen, Kelly and Hannah will all be competing.

Throwing down a massive frontside 900, crippler 720, cab 720 and backside 540, Gretchen's victory was all the more sweeter considering at last years X-Games it was all over after a huge face plant in the pipe. The Gold medallist was clearly stoked as anything, raising her arms in the air after her killer run.

Gretchen Bleiler. Photo by RJ Sangosti,  The Denver Post.

Kelly Clark was busting out her trademark huge airs, with Gretchen cheering her along, Kelly threw down a frankly enormous frontside air, backside 540, frontside 900, method, and rounding things of with a cab 720. Unfortunately for Kelly it wasn't enough to take the Gold, but the two women shared a hug once Gretchen had been announced the winner. Awww. Check it out below. More Snowboarding >>