Gretchen Bleiler is a name that should be familiar to most people in snowboarding. In fact, thanks multiple contest wins, an Olympic silver medal and bikini shoots like this one for FHM, Gretchen's name is also pretty well known outside of snowboarding. A year or so back, she decided to put this name recognition to good use and use her appeal to set up a unique girls-only competition at Snowmass, Colorado.

Sitting outside the TTR World Tour and the usual contest season, the comp provides an opportunity for girls to get together and push each other in a competitive environment with very little pressure - something Gretchen believes will help push progression to the next level. In these two videos, she introduces this year's highlights and explains a little bit about the idea behind the comp. It certainly seems pretty cool and unique to us - any contest that starts off with a communal pow shred has got to be a good idea! More Snowboarding >>