You remember Grenade Games 8, right? The one advertised in typical smutty fashion last week by games masterminds Danny Kass and the Dingo? Well, it went down once again at Bear Mountain - take a peep at the highlights.

Given that this was Grenade Games 8, The guys got a bit of a theme going on the number. There was the 8-ball jump, and we're guessing there were a few 'eighths' doing the rounds.... Other events in this pisstake Olympics include the Monster mega pipe, water skim, dual slalom jib and the infamous Chinese Downhill mogul comp. This year's version had a neat 'capture-the-flag' variation to it, although that guy who won should surely be stripped of the title for being a bump-avoiding pansy!

There was also music from the Dirtyheads, and the eagle-eyed may spot one of the stars of the aforementioned advert in the crowd. Shameless!