Yep, the pros crash sometimes too! Here’s an example of one that could have gone WAY worse. Gjermund Braaten narrowly escapes landing on a vertical pole after flying 80+ feet, in what must have been a pretty scary few seconds.

The questions every one will be asking are 1) what was he going for? And 2) how did he end up drifting so far right? Well, by the looks of the in run it’s pretty hard to say – backside rodeo perhaps? Although that doesn’t explain the toe-edge take off which is what ultimately had him sailing towards the post. One possible answer for the error in judgement comes from the YouTube comments: “maybe he was trying to avoid that filmer who was standing in the middle of the knuckle like one of those dads from Florida." It’s possible.

How rad would it have been if he’d landed a backside 5 after bouncing off the knuckle?