Gjermund Bråten, he's so hot right now. Recently we've seen him school Torstein Horgmo at In Your Face, and as part of a fully-fledged Norwegian invasion in Northstar. Now Isenseven have uploaded his full part from last year's Don't Panic!, and it's a winner.

Isenseven have been releasing their movie online section-by-section, kicking off with Alex Tank's part last week. While his was all about rails, Gjermund is a fully paid-up member of the dub club, so sticks mostly to the park kickers. There's also a couple of shots from the prestigious D-Pad session.

This section is none-more-Isenseven: everything from the music to the beautifully-framed shots and occasional fancy-pants editing tricks scream of the Euro crew. And we love it.... Next one please!