Here's another look at what went down at Spring Break through a pair of Dragon sunnies, including Dragon's epic 'Methodical Madness' comp. It says a lot for the humble method when an entire comp can be based on it eh? In the end, Lewis Sonvico got the nod over Gaz Andrews as having the best method of the day while Sam Turnbull walked away with the victory in the Monster x The Reason best trick comp with a massive backside rodeo 7 in the sketchy white-out conditions.

And to top it all off, Spring Break was graced with the presence of some true snowboard royalty with the one and only Gigi Rüf making an appearance. After scribbling a few autographs he took a few laps in the park and on an improv quaterpipe with fellow Dragon rider Andy Nudds. How rad is that last trick?