We've all been there. Bored out of our minds stacking shelves or sat behind a till, serving weird and wonderful characters wanting cheap piss, junk food, johnnys and fags while daydreaming about sacking it all off for whiter pastures overseas (we doubt that many of you have been robbed at gunpoint before but lets not rule out anything eh?). Super talented jibber Forest Bailey stars in this 686 ad as one such checkout dude and in addition to his decidedly better than average acting skills we're also treated to his daydream itself, which, for all intents and purposes is a pretty damn good one.

We've actually been enjoying the creativity of many snowboard brand ads of late. They're a refreshing break from all of the edits and full length movies that are perhaps lacking slightly in the originality department. Be sure to catch this one of Travis Rice doing his best Ralph Lauren model impression if you haven't already, and who could forget this ridiculously weird one from Nike with Nicholas Müller, chickens, an owl, ape costumes and loads of other weirdness?