It's been an incredibly busy few months for the GB Freestyle snowboard team. Besides training hard out in Colorado, the guys and gals have also been competing in the first bout of Olympic qualifiers out at Copper Mountain, Colorado and Stoneham, Quebec and we're chuffed to be able to say that the team has got off to a great start. This is actually the second GB freestyle podcast that we've had in a week - don't they just spoil us rotten?

While the last one was cut together by Rowan Coultas, this time it's Ben Kilner who's been put in charge of the the splicing and dicing. With some solid tunes and some rad little effects, it's a pretty tidy edit we must say (what a multitalented bunch eh?) and features the riding of Billy Morgan, Katie Omerod, Jamie Nicholls, Jenny Jones, Sam Turnbull, Rowan Coultas, Ben Kilner and Dom Harrington.

The whole thing's banger but a few parts definitely make it for us. Firstly, Billy Morgan's rail hits starting at 00:38 - now we're used to seeing Billy pop mahoosive backside rodeos and the like over kickers but it can be easy to forget sometimes that he rips on rails as well. Secondly, Katie Ormerod's enormous backside 720 at 1:40, executed with amazing style and confidence - and perhaps even a hint of afterbang?!

Keep 'em coming guys!