We're not quite sure what GB Freestyle Snowboard Team head coach Hamish McKnight has been slipping into these guys' coco pops in the morning but it's certainly paying off! Hot of the heels of an absolute stormer of an edit featuring the best of our young British riders sending it out in New Zealand, here's another equally solid one from some early season shred in Hintertux. As we've come to expect it's a blitz of big stylish spins, technical rail hits and everything in-between. Correct us if we're wrong but three of our riders (Jamie Trinder, Jamie Nicholls and Billy Morgan) have got 1260's in the bag and Rowan Coultas has a tidy 1080, as does Matt McCormick (on dryslope for now, but that's not to say he won't be stomping them on snow in the near future). Not to mention Aimee Fuller's double backflips, Katie Ormerod's technical rail hits and Sam Turnball, Ben Kilner and Nate Kern's big floaty spins. We've said it before and we'll say it again, if these guys can keep up the good work, the future is looking very bright for British competitive freestyle snowboarding.