Here’s an erm, enlightening new snowboard design concept to feast your eyes on: Las Vegas based company Xero Degree Industries have come up with an innovative line of prototype snowboards that incorporate LED’s into their bases – Dave Lee eat your heart out…

Watch the video to meet the team and get a look at the boards, all to the sounds of some rather questionable American dubstep - if Simon Cowell could snowboard would he endorse these ‘X-Factor’ boards?

Seriously though we reckon these could open up a whole world of possibility. How about combining one of them with Signal’s iPad board and, while you’re at it, slip into a head to toe LED suit for the full effect? Imagine Nico Müller tweaking out a method on one of these bad boys over this ever so subtly lit night kicker – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

So what's the verdict? The guys are looking for funding for their project and offering donators the chance to purchase a board at a heavily discounted price if they hit their target. So if you fancy yourself a deck that will help lead you through the darkness (in the form of a snowboard with neons), or would just like to donate a few dollars to try and help and get these into manufacture, head over to the Xero Degree Industries page on Kickstarter or check out their Facebook.