[mpora_video id=AAd8bi0e3cbh]

Who needs an icy 22-foot super pipe when you can shred a slushy mini pipe in the sun? This edit from the Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational that went down yesterday up at High Cascade shows just what happens when you let loose some really good riders in a pretty tiny (by their standards anyway) pipe. Featuring a ton of super pros from all walks of snowboarding including Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, Dustin Craven, Scotty Arnold, Gigi Ruf (how PERFECT is that method?) and Mathieu Crepel to name but a fraction, the diversity of riding styles here is pretty rad.

OK, so the tricks here aren’t exactly next level – Bode himself looked like the only dude to attempt going upside down twice, but so what? It sure looks like a hell of a good time and dunno about you but we'd take stylish grabs and 'simple' inverts over hucked doubles any day!